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UK Folk Music - Folk clubsWelcome to the UK Folk Music and Morris brand new website.
We have been off the web since early 2016 but we are back, promoting UK Folk Music and Morris Sides with our totally original style and presentation. The main purpose of this website is to make it easy for folk and dance followers to locate events in their area and indeed across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Our unique and easy to use index, is being added to on a daily basis. We welcome people getting in touch with information and updates which we can include. To make this easier, we will also soon have a page on FaceBook and create something on Twitter – more to follow on that. We have had some great comments on social media by people who remember our original website and they are excited that we are back, so are we.

Future plans for UK Folk Music might include a review section and also artists feature pages. Performers can use a page as a shop window to promote their gigs and embed video and sound clips along with a link to their own website. This is a little way down the line as our first priority is to get the website placed high in search engine results in Google and Bing. In the first three days on line, we have already had over six hundred page views.

Morris Dancing

As you will appreciate, we have loads of work to put in to get the new website up to speed and we will be adding content on a daily basis. Our first priority is to produce a comprehensive guide to Morris Sides in the UK. We have come up with a way to allow visitors to easily search our database and locate Morris Sides by Town / County or Style of dance.

UK Folk Music - Morris sides

Folk Clubs

We will also putting a lot of work into indexing folk clubs and concert venues. The last time we did this we managed to list around five hundred venues and provide contact details.Folk clubs are beiing added to our list as quickly as possible. There are a few new ones started and a few been lost since we last looked at the scene. There are still a lot of excellent folk clubs ourt there, providing opportunities for new talent.

We also introduced a FREE EVENTS CALENDAR which could be used by event organisers to publicise their gigs absolutley Free of Charge. Hopefully we will be able to offer something similar in the near future as a National gig guide which will be useful to folk fans and artists alike.

Folk Music Artists

The final piece of the jigsaw is in the shape of our committment in supporting the hard working performers who are a vital part of the folk scene. There will be a free listing for artists but also feature pages which can be purchsed for a one-off payment. These can feature weblinks, video, photographs and sound files.

Folk Music Show

When the website was established, we wanted to have our own folk show on the web. If you want to catch up some top quality folk music, clicck on the link below.
Listen to our Mixcloud show.


The UK Folk Music website was established in 2011 to help and support and promote Folk Music and Morris Sides, which is what we continue to do today.

Our original website included a huge album review section which was fortunate enough to have contributions from ace reviewer, Pete Fyfe. He used to produce some great reviews which were valued by the artistes who happily included them on their own websites. We were saddened when Pete fell ill and passed away in 2015.


On a lighter note, we were delighted to produce the hugely popular folk music show ‘Folkwaves’. The show, presented by Mick Peat and Lester Simpson, ran every week on BBC Radio Derby for around twenty five years. When the BBC had a re-shuffle of regional programming the show was axed despite huge protests from folk fans across the East Midlands. We took up the mantle and continued to produce the show from our home studio in Derbyshire.


Prior to getting Folkwaves back on the air, Alan Morley ran another show hosted on Mixcloud and we called the show ‘Folkrise’. Unbeknown to us at the time, we possibly trod on the toes of EFDSS who were running a series of concerts called ‘Folkrising’, If we accidently upset anyone at the organisation we do apologise.

The initial concept of Alan’s show was to promote tracks which lesser known artists had submitted to the Soundcloud platform. We are delighted that some of the acts we featured, went on to record some greats CD’s and appear at Folk Clubs and Folk Festivals around the country.

As the show developed, we were receiving loads of CDs for review and we were happy to feature new releases on Folkrise usually before they had been heard anywhere else. We still have a stack of material which we can use if we ever resurrect the show in the future.

Morris Sides

At one stage, we had a ‘sister’ website up and running. It was called ‘UK Morris Dancers’ and we featured news and articles from the web which related to the Morris. Then as now, we also had a huge index of Morris Sides across the UK. Our current index now has over six hundred and fifty side listed with links to the web and Facebook. We firmly believe that our guide is the most comprehensive, up to date and easy to use on the web.

At this point, we must mention that we are not a booking agency for Morris Sides. When we last ran on the web, we used to get loads of inquiries from people and organisations who wished to book a side for an event. We are unable to help, but suggest that a search of our index will provide information which will be useful and point people in the right direction.

Folk Clubs

Last but certainly not least, is our commitment to Folk Clubs

We know that there are still an amazing number of folk clubs around the country. The dedication and interest of the club organisers and committees provide many new performers with the opportunity to get their music heard and discovered. Even in these days of Open Mic nights, folk clubs are there to support music and song and importantly offer a social aspect to members and regulars who attend weekly or monthly.

Having run a folk club for a while back in the late 1980’s, we realise and appreciate all the hard work which has to be put in to keep a club running. It’s actually got harder since we ran a club. There are more rules and regulations, insurance and health and safety to take into account these days and I applaude organisers for their dedication and commitment to folk music.

Thanks for visiting the website, we will be adding more information and features as soon as possible. Please call back soon.

Alan Morley
UK Folk Music

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