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Folk Artists directoryThere is often a problem with Folk Music Artists designing and hosting their own website. HOW DO PEOPLE FIND YOU ?

The best analogy would be to compare websites to telephone numbers. How do you discover someones phone number ( I’m talking old school land lines ), you look in a telephone directory. The way you used to find a business or service, was to skim through ‘Yellow Pages’.

Unless people – Know your name – What you do – Where you live


I won’t go into all the details about “Search Engine Optimization” as I’m certainly no expert. But it about how to get a website found in Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. It took me ages to get my head around WordPress, which is what is used to produce the website but the there’s also SEO.

If you want a website to be found and indexed by search engines, keywords and page content are essential components. You then have submit details to Google Webmaster and hope that they Index the site.

We launched the website at the end of August 2017 and in just seven weeks we have had just over 4,000 page views from 1,682 visitors.

UK Folk Artists Directory Pages

For a one off fee, we offer performers the opportunity to have a directory page here on UK Folk Music. You will be able to have your own text and images included and embed YouTube videos or Soundcloud tracks. You can also include contact details, Facebook and Twitter links and a shortcut to your own website and Amazon store.

When you submit your text, we will check through and offer suggestion to improve the visibilty on Google. In addition, we will link to it from our Index Page and enable a category search.

Please contact us for more information CONTACT PAGE

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