Folk Show on Mixcloud. Featuring hours of folk music on demand

Folk Show

The UK Folk Music Show presented by Alan Morley
Folk showThe folk show has returned to the web with a great selection of traditional and comtemporary folk music.

Doing our bit to promote new talent, new albums and old favourites. Regular monthly shows are what we aim for, so make sure you keep listening.

Tracks in the show are often from albums we reviewed on the website, so if you want to know more, we try to help.

The folk show from the UK Folk Music website almost started by accident back in 2012.

We were asked if we could host Folkwaves, which had been on BBC Radio Derby for over twenty five years we said yes. The only problem was, we had never attempted anything like that. Our own folk show was initially a pilot that featured ‘lesser known’ artists who allowed us to use their material from Soundcloud.

The first show stumbled onto the airwaves and was ok but could be improved on. We wanted to promote new talent in the best way we could, so we decided to try a bit harder with the next show.

By the time we had completed three or four shows we decided to use material from the CD’s we had received for reviews. Doing this also allowed us to link from the show to the reviews and visa versa. We had discovered another way to help artists to get their songs and tunes heard by a wider audience.

The folk show carried on until early in 2016, we mothballed the UK Fok Music website. After an eighteen month break and a few re-thinks the website was re-launched and a new folk show appeared in September 2017. We were delighted to see the show at 8th in the Mixcloud Acoustic chart and decided to continue with our mission to promote folk music.


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