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Reviews have always been a part of the UK Folk Music website.  It’s exciting to present our visitors with a few impressions of the CDs which we receive through the post.

After being off the web for around eighteen months, we are making a fresh start with reviews of albums. We are playing ‘catch-up’ and visiting a backlog of albums which we have around the office. There is an amazing selection of folk music for us to listen to and write about.

You will find that Alan’s Album Reviews take a free-rolling look at what’s on offer. We try to keep reviews short, providing the reader an overall impression of the album. Going into in depth analysis of every track is avoided. We believe that ‘music speaks louder than words’, so we try to include a YouTube clip or Soundcloud’ track.

Reviews by UK Folk MusicWe have quite a stack of albums to work our way through but we still welcome submissions of brand new CDs. If you would like to send us a CD for possible review, there are details of our address on the Contacts Page. We do listen everything which we receive but I’m sure your will realise that we cannot guarantee to review everything we get.

If we have reviewed a CD, we will notify the artist or agent to allow them to quote or link to the review. A quick word of thanks to all that take the trouble to get their material to us.
Wesites benefit tremendously from ‘backlinks’ from other websites. Any artist who gets a review should include a backlink to the article on UK Folk Music. It’s all to do with how we’re seen in Google.

Alan Morley
UK Folk Music

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